Show programs


Royal Massage

Royal Massage is a divine blessing that flows through the hands of our masseuses, saturating the human body with health-improving moisture, purification and healing. It is compared with four hands massage, as it is a tandem of massage movements performed by two girls, and this means that each of our guests will receive a double portion of pleasure, bliss and relaxation. Royal Massage method and its sensual affection on all body organs and systems allow you to develop your sexual energy, learn show attention to your sexual partner.




Partner Massage

Mutual affection has never been so sensual as during partner massage, because this is a kind of courses where you can not only experience pleasant touches of a partner, but also learn to feel the desires of another, follow it and give your unmeasured love. This is a game where two naked bodies bring themselves to the top of the joys of paradise by soft and exciting touches. As if by the wave of magic wand, the bodies of the partners begin to feel mutual desire to give pleasure, find new erogenous zones, involve it to the game by affectionate movements and experience incredible satisfaction.

Lesbi Show

Perhaps, there is nothing more beautiful than the naked woman’s body with its forms, sexual lines and gracefulness of queen. A game of two or more girls may be compared with the flexibility of panther, when they curve to touch each other with the tongue in erotic zones of the body. And how exciting the aromatic oil is, especially when during the Lesbi Show you spread it on the girl’ body and immediately imagine yourself in the exotic world of jungle and forget about everything, except the pleasure. Just then the thoughts and feelings of the girls unite together, their movements become more active and desirable and it is hard to understand whose hand touches the bust, tummy or hip. This is the time for body massage with relaxation.

Peep Show

Peep Show is exciting performance when the girl of our salon touches her body and gives herself an orgasm. While peeping, you are looking forward to sensual pleasure derived from expected touches made by the masseuse with all temptation after experienced pleasure. Her touches penetrate to your thoughts forcing the vents and taking you to the endless stream of orgasm, which you have never experienced in your life. This is not a dream, this is real life with the show of colorful and pleasant events. Let yourself to experience something new, unforgettable and fantastically pleasant.

Cocktail Show

Our salon offers to those who like exotic etudes, like to experiment and fulfil their own erotic fantasies the cocktail shows for three persons, in which the key role is played by the girl of our salon and two men will actively participate in this performance. The game of your thoughts will finally become a reality, you will experience the moment, when the girl by her delicate body will make the most sensual massage of your muscles, erogenous zones as if she plucks the strings of a guitar changing the tonality of your ego and taking you to the world of pleasure. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the cocktail show.


Duet with Geisha

Duet with Geisha will help you to visit the other end of the world with completely different traditions and worldview. This is specific kind of erotic massage with elements of East world. The Tibetan monarchs allocated a lot of their time to this event and hostesses and geishas, in their turn, constantly had been improving their skills learning the desires and caprices of noblemen. You can become one of them and wonderful geisha will perform satisfactory dance of massage movements bringing it to the perfection. Sensual geisha understands your thoughts and concentrate movements of her velvet body on your desire, bringing together the harmony of your body and mind. As the result, you experience the highest pleasure.

Strip Plastic Show

Incredibly interesting show program is presented to you in one package: elements of stripping, erotic, plastic and body massage, which relax you. The performance starts from stripping, fascinating hearts of guests, and to the strains of eastern melodies or rhythmic dance the girl of salon will execute exciting dance striping down the element of cloth. Such emotional expression of feelings through the plastic of sexual dance allows you enjoying the beauty of woman’s body, expressing your desires and showing emotions. During the session, the girl involves you to the erotic game in such a manner that you do not notice the line between this transition, you are very exciting and can no longer control yourself. Magical transformation ends with body massage and complete relaxation. You can enjoy the sexual movements.