Erotic Massage


Salon-007 offers professional Erotic Massage in Kyiv. Our girls are the best girls in Kyiv. We can provide you with unforgettable pleasure that you could only dream of. You can order erotic massage by phone number +38 (066) 446-69-11 .



Massage for couples, 10% discount and champagne as a gift. Orders are taken in advance. Call +38 (066) 446-69-11

Lesbi Show

Lesbi Show is a fascinating and unforgettable performance of two girls, who will take any man to the world of fairy tale and pleasure. Call now, we are waiting for you.


Body Massage

We offer you professional Body Massage with the best girls in Kyiv. Call now and receive unforgettable pleasure with pretty masseuses of our salon. We are waiting for you.


Erotic Massage

Our Salon-007 offers Erotic Massage Services in Kyiv at the most favorable prices. We will turn any and all of your desires into reality. Having ordered Erotic Massage in our salon for once, you will certainly come back again and again…

Body Massage

We offer at our website only high quality Body Massage that will provide you with the opportunity to experience unforgettable pleasure and will get you into the world of fantasy and satisfaction, which you would like to experience again and again. Call us, we are waiting for you…

Thai Massage

Our specialists offer only professional Thai Massage in Kyiv. We will certainly provide you with the opportunity to experience complete pleasure and satisfaction. You can order Thai Massage by phone number +38(095)924-02-09


Erotic Massage

You will get magical minutes of pleasure from good fairies in Erotic Massage Salon. Their marvelous touches give enormous strengths, satisfaction and pleasure that can change your life and fill it with sweet nectar of love and affection. The shortest way to this whirlpool sensual desire is the Erotic Massage in Kyiv. This is the place of Fantastic Island with marvelous source of harmony and warmth, where you can constantly listen to charmful music, meanwhile the beautiful nymphs tirelessly erupt the volcano of passion.

During the Erotic Massage all the erotic organs are stimulated, harmonized with the whole body, the positive energy is increased enhancing your mood and sustaining your life.

During the massage, the whole body of the masseuse is involved to this procedure. The soft strokes of the girl seem like fiery kisses, heating drinks, heating up your body and bringing you up to the ecstasy. And this is fantastic Erotic Massage. Kyiv offers relaxation that will free you from chins of daily life. There are no secretes here, only correct combination of massage procedures, ability to involve all erogenic zones not only with the help of hands’ motions but also with the whole body: hips, busts, tummy. Touching you with a finger or the whole hand, breast or buttock muscles, producing strong and gentle effect on every cell in your body, they will bring you to the highest satisfaction.

Forget the everyday work, pay attention to your body, love it and you will see how it is great to feel like a happy person.

You deserve it like no other!

Body Massage

Body Massage is the most memorable miracle that can only happen in your life. This procedure starts with the usual health-improving massage, when using its basic techniques the mechanical stimulants are applied to the body providing various effects on blood circulation, lymph circulation, metabolism and other important functions of the body. Then, everything happens like in a fairy tale and a naked girl with the help of arms, bust, tummy, and other intimate areas of your body performs massage, using aromatic oils, candles and quiet relaxing music. This atmosphere calms a person, increasing the blood circulation of all its organs, including intimate areas. The body relaxes, accumulating sexual energy. And how one can resist when Body Massage Kyiv is offered with the participation of young nymphs, who earn round your body, wrapping it with affection and exciting touches. Warm and thrilling breath, exciting touches of lips and tongue will bring you to the top of satisfaction and after that the long-desired eruption of emotions.

Body Massage in Kyiv takes place in a relaxed atmosphere in our salon, staffed by specially trained girls who know different massage techniques. Professionalism, tactfulness, individual approach to each of our guests, whether male or female.

We wish you all to enjoy our hospitality, experience the sweet pleasure of Body Massage, and feel the affection of professional masseuses and their marvelous touches, which are really one of the most effective methods of treatment.

We have popular salon, oasis of erotic programs and shows for guests and residents of Kyiv. You can invite your friends because everyone can find a little piece of erotic here.

Thai Massage

Dear ladies and gentlemen, our erotic club “007” offers you Thai Massage in Kyiv. In a few moments, you will find yourself in the world, where the beauty of the body, passion, excitement and elements of desired erotic reigns. In addition, splendid fairies, who will give you the highest pleasure in the most magical way, run this world. Thanks to their skills, using fundamental and supplement massage techniques, combining and alternating with gentle touches of their naked bodies to your sensitive areas, they will take you to the world of fantasy, where you can relax and get liveliness, love and happiness. This is a great cocktail for pleasure and new, exotic emotions. Now you can experience all those things, which were previously available only for the great monarchs of this world.

Professional Thai Massage, as the old traditions, handed down from generation to generation, and have reached our times, improving its methods and means of effects on the whole organism. Using not only the magic of massage movements, but also the properties of medicinal herbs, Thai Massage Kyiv is used to slow down the aging processes, renew not only the physical strength, but also human energy, arousing and efficiently distributing it throughout the body. It allows you to unveil your sexual potential in order to grant it to your lovers. You will have complete mental and physical strength, integrity and harmony not only with your body, but also with the whole world.

Thai Massage is the great strengths, basis for sexual energy flows and health improvement of the organism in full.

Feel the waves of warm breath of the girl-masseuse on your body, her sensual touches of her mouth, hips, tummy, buttocks, which strengthen your emotions and give you pleasure. Here you hear how her fingers move on your body. They are gentle as touches of rose petals and they move to the inguen area, strengthening the whole body trembling, looking forward to the incredible eruption of passion.

Do not deny yourself to experience at least for one time the sweet exotic pleasure.




Relaxing Massage

Are you tired of problems, everyday life and city rush? Our erotic island will help you to relax, where the young girls of indescribable beauty are waiting for you to give back previous strengths, vigor and energy. They will bring you to the warm world of illusion, where you will listen to the relaxing music, find exciting flavors and endless flows of massage movements from the head, earlaps and to the heels. This is a relaxing massage in Kyiv, the amazing power of which is described in stories. It will bring every traveler, driver or worker to full life, it gives pleasure for those who got tired of stresses and negative emotions, it charms those who seek to be better, stronger and healthier. Relaxing Massage is the complex of procedures starting from gentle touches to your body, when the all-knowing masseuse will accompany you to the world of relaxation. Your muscles will relax, the fatigue will leave it, and you will feel like you are at the top of new world, world of health and beauty.

Professional relaxing massage in Kyiv, as the renewal and strengthening mean, is a skillful combination of basic and additional massage techniques, point effects on nerve-endings, as well as endless fantasy of girls, who turn the treatment procedure into fantastic festival of mind and body. They feel each desire of the client, his heart rhythm, and give what their bodies need. And this is not surprising, because only relaxing massage allows to relax completely and forget about problems. Kiev provides great opportunities where VIP leisure is available to everyone today.

Our salon offers you relaxing and warm atmosphere, individual approach, varied programs, different methods of health care and relaxation. After the first session, you will want to come back here again and again.



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